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4 Situations Where You Need to Hire A Professional Tax Consultant

Looking for an online tax consultant in Kolkata? Filing the taxes is an important task that you have to perform annually. If you are not a specialist in this field, the work can be monotonous and boring for you. There are different legal provisions and guidelines that may be hard for you to understand.

Get Professional Help for online tax consultant Kolkata:

To submit your income tax files on time, it is advisable to communicate with a Professional Tax Consultant. They have a wide knowledge of this topic and use advanced tools for a correct audit. Plus, you get to know about the various legal ways to reduce your tax liabilities.

When Should You Take Help of A Tax Consultant?

There are different situations where an online tax consultant in Kolkata can help you. You can get more information about these situations below:

  • Starting A Business:

    A new business establishment should take care of correct tax filing in the initial years. As the owner, it is vital to keep track of all expenditures in a tax year. If you try to do the taxes yourself, you might commit some mistakes. To avoid them, you should consult a professional tax consultant. Remember that correct tax filing in the initial years impacts the tax filing procedure in future.

  • Mistakes in Previous Returns:

    Incorrect tax filing is detrimental both for an individual and a business. If you find inaccuracies in your tax return files for the last few years, take the help of a professional. They use advanced software that ensures a precise and error-free procedure. They can help you make up for the damages caused earlier.

  • Inheritance of Wealth:

    This is a vital situation where a professional tax consultant can help you. If you have inherited a lot of wealth from a deceased family member, you have to pay a certain amount of taxes. If you don’t know whether you are overpaying or underpaying the taxes, the expert can help you. Inherited wealth like cash, property and shares are liable for taxation according to Indian Law.

  • Change in Marital Status:

    Your regular tax filing procedure will be impacted by the change in your marital status. A tax consultant can help you inform the best way to file the taxes as a couple. A divorced couple may also get tax filing tips from a professional consultant.

If you want to file your annual taxes correctly, communicate with SM Gupta & Co Chartered Accountants. We have a qualified team of online tax consultants in Kolkata. They can help you to simplify your tax paying experience.