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Consultants & Law Firms For Startup Companies

Startup Services

  • Incorporation of Companies helping in setting up a business unit and providing services of a Law firm including documentation.
  • Arranging all licenses and registrations.
  • Arranging joint acquisition and take over.
  • Arranging all clearances.
  • Representing with various Govt. and non Govt. authorities including business authorities.
  • Helping in arranging various funds from various schemes of Govt. Of India.
  • Helping in arranging various IPO’s and negotiating with various venture capitalists.
  • Helping in Vetting by various financial institutions of proposed project report.
  • Identifying and interfacing with potential partners, buyers, collaborators.
  • Arranging meeting with government official /corporate.
  • Advocacy / representation with government on behalf of Entrepreneurs and youth from W.B and other states companies on policies and trade related matters
  • Organizing summits, conventions and other meetings on national bi-national issues.
  • Visiting and Participating in exhibitions and trade fairs in W.B and other states on your behalf.
  • Interactive sessions with US Embassy / consulate General ‘s and foreign commercial service offices on your behalf.
  • Mounting business and trade delegation to the W.B and other states
  • Opportunity to meet with business delegation from W.B, other states and different countries on your behalf.
  • Coordinating meeting trade development mission.
  • Providing business support services for Indian and foreign based businessmen in W.B and other states
  • Arranging special meetings for visiting CEOs and senior executives with W.B, other state companies and MNCs.
  • Providing support and network from partner organizations like IACC, WEF and funding organizations.

Startup Benefits

  • Networking with the business community.
  • A platform to assist in framing economic & industrial policies through close linkage with the Government.
  • Access to Research, Surveys, Knowledge Papers, Press Releases Participation in Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Seminars on your behalf.
  • Advisory Services, Project assistance, Fund Support
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