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Student Section

  Ammendments in Income Tax Act
         • Circulars & Notifications from Income Tax Department
  Ammendments in Company Law
         • Proposed Changes to Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement
         • Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) - Accounting for MAT U/s115 JB and credit thereof
         • Companies Accounting Standard Rules
         • Guidance Note On Measurement Of Income Tax Expense For Interim Financial Reporting In The Context Of As 25
         • Guidance Note on Tax Audit
         • Accounting Treatment of Subsidy
         •The Examination of Prospective Financial Statements
         •Issue of bonus shares out of revaluation reserves
         •EAC - Creation of Provision for Contigencies
         •Exposure Draft on AAS 19 - Subsequent Events
         • ICAI Cloud Campus
         • ICAI
         • Technical Standands
         • ICAI
         • Notified
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