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  1. Certified E-filing Centre
    • The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has implemented MCA21 e-Governance Project. It is one of the Mission Mode Projects of the Government of India under the National e-Governance Plan.

      The objective of the e-governance program is to improve the speed and certainty in delivery of MCA services in a transparent manner. This improvement is ensured primarily through the mechanism of secure electronic filing (e - filing) and easy online payment for all the services provided by the Registrar of Companies. It is, therefore, a significant step towards an end-to end paperless delivery of the Government services with widespread use of Digital Signature to carry out e -filing in a secure manner in conformity with the Information Technology Act, 2000.

      Free Facilitation centre cease to work with the effect from the 17th Jan 2010.Now scheme for Certified Filing Centres (CFCs) managed through the practising professionals (Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Cost &Works Accountants) was also introduced following the concept of user charges.

      S.M.Gupta & Co. is the Certified Filing Centre under above scheme which now operates through Rituraj Business Centre. Apart from that we provide other services related to Secreterial Services under Company Law, SECRA, Income Tax, Service Tax, Professional Tax, Central Excise & Custom, Vat and CST to make E-filing easy and dealing with the concept of paper-less office introduce as a part of E-Governance. We provide all the services at the prescribed professional fees provided by the related authorities.

    • Checklist for E-Filing of Secretarial Service
      Checklist for incorporation of company Download
      Checklist for incorporation of llp Download
      Checklist for Roc E-Filling Download
      Checklist for DIN Download
      Cheklist Required documents for DPIN Download

    Please download the respective checklist and send us the required document for further action.

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