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Welcome To S.M. Gupta & Co- A Premier Income Tax Consultant and Auditor in Kolkata

Businesses and organisations of present times have so much to offer. Some businesses are absolutely about profit-making while others offer services for a certain purpose. However, both the types must follow the rules set by the state where they are operating. This is important for carrying out convenient business dealings. But, most businesses tend to neglect the finance and marketing part and concentrate more on promotions, documentations, and manufacturing. If you are the owner of such a business, consider consulting S.M.GUPTA & Co. We are income tax consultants assisting clients in tax preparation and other relevant financial issues.

Conceived and established in the year 1975, S.M.GUPTA & Co. is an audit cum consultancy firm. We are home to a diligent team of chartered accountants, service tax consultants, corporate financial advisors, and auditor in Kolkata. We are popular amongst clients for the accurate and on-time information we deliver.

Services - What Makes us Stand Apart From The Rest?

Auditing is the intricate process of evaluating a company's financial status too apart from audit. Having a good internal set up is very important for achieving your business objectives. Although most companies have their own auditing department, it's important to get the financial report checked by an independent audit firm. S.M.GUPTA & Co. is here to help you with tax or other finance related matter.



With suitable documentation and arrangement of files, our tax preparation services are authorized and effective. We offer you assistance and support for preparing and filing your income tax returns, both manually, online and e-filling. We have a certified filing centre, under the MCA-21 for company low Matter. Our firm offers a host of other services related to secretarial services under company law, income tax, service tax, professional tax etc. Starting from tax planning, consultation and other tax related services, our income tax consultant in Kolkata can literally help you with anything.

Advisory services

We, at S.M.GUPTA & Co, help you plan your investments carefully. Our employees or team members have sound knowledge about corporate laws. We carry out special investigative audits, costing and system reviews and file your petitions to the company law board. We are certainly one of the pioneers, when it comes to appointing a reliable CA in Kolkata. A team of efficient accounting professionals is a part of our firm. They help you file financial documents and plan future investments.

Law Firm And Consultants For Startup Companies

At S.M Gupta & Co, we are a team of and consultants for startup companies in Kolkata. We aim at launching and promoting entrepreneurs and social ventures so that they can make a mark in their industry. Our services can be enjoyed by newfangled ventures as well as those in their mature stage. Our work is entirely research driven so that we can provide the right advice for the varied fields. We also carry out impact assessments to determine the performance of such start-ups and their success in meeting goals. What's more, if you need legal advice, you can bank on us as a law firm for startup companies in Kolkata, too.

We at S.M.GUPTA & Co. also serve as a management consultancy. We can help you with restructuring your business, managing supply chain and current assets, and conducting market research. Our services are available for domestic as well as offshore companies.

The latest technology and updated resources are used in our firm to serve clients. Our services are available in a wide range. We aim at branding the company as a global provider of quality services. The firm is supervised by our managing partners and expert advice offered by our pool of professionals.

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